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1024) Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

"1024) Why is there something rather than nothing?" was a deliberative six-hour performance in the fantastic Silver Gallery at Leeds City Art Gallery.

The performance was based on Kelman Work techniques using the Gallery and everything in it as a stimulus.

On this occasion, other artists and musicians joined the Kelman Group for sections of the performance.

The performance was documented and pictures and montages done by Mark Longbottom on the day can be seen by clicking on the preceding words or on the side menu.

Although this was a six hour performance, there was no definitive beginning or end, the performance is as long or short as the spectators made it. Viewers were welcome to come and go as they pleased throughout the duration of the piece.

Kelman Performers

  • Hayli Clifton
  • Jon Dixon
  • Nina Kane
  • Barnaby King
  • Bob Lockwood
  • Gill Roughley
  • Taru Sinclair
  • Kim Tilger-Holt


  • Hugh Nankivell
  • Dennis Foster-Jones

Photography & Graphics

  • Mark Longbottom
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