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Barnaby King and Gill Roughley in Fuego

Kelmanworks Core Notes

Kelmanworks comprises a series of exercises and techniques that attempt to establish and explore the relationship between art and living, with theatre or performance as the metaphor for life. So, theatre is not just a reflection of life but also what is happening. As Scott says, "For a thing to be dramatic, it can also be what it is."

kelmanworks is process-based and works in what are known as the "Four States". These are called Deliberation, Sound & Movement, Riff & SoundJam. They are practiced separately and later on are integrated with each other to heighten their exploratory and expressive possibilities. The states and exercises serve as conjuring devices to create an environment, both internally and externally, for things to happen.

Below are outlines and links to the priorities, levels and elements of the four States. At present, these are primarily an aide memoir for people who have already done some of the workshops.

Barnaby King in full flow


Deliberation is at it's core an observational state - concerned with making space for things to happen. It relates to presence, conjuring the imagination, creating an environment for things to happen both internally and externally. More Details >>

Sound & Movement

Sound & Movement explores physical and vocal impulses and their interrelationship. The state is concerned with conjuring states of being, actions and images and investigating others' states of being (empathy). More Details >>


Riff is a state in which, like a jazz musician, the participant develops text. The state is concerned with words and the conjuring phrases, text, narrative and dialogue. More Details >>


SoundJam focuses on vocal exploration and heightening the skill of listening. This state is concerned with the conjuring of mood and atmosphere. More Details >>