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Workshop Theatre, University of Leeds - Monday 21st June 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

encounter image - Mark Longbottom

ENCOUNTER was an informal evening of improvisation between The Kelman Group and a group of improvising musicians.

Kelman Performers

  • Hayli Clifton
  • Jon Dixon
  • Nina Kane
  • Barnaby King
  • Bob Lockwood
  • Gill Roughley
  • Taru Sinclair


  • Hugh Nankivell (Viola, Melodica)
  • Dennis Foster-Jones (Flute)
  • Chris Dowding (Trumpet)
  • Hayashi Kana (Andes Melodica, Singing, Karate)
  • Jack Glover (Clarinet)
  • Makoto Nomura (Melodica, Disruption)

Self-description of some of the musicians:

"Nomura is a composer from Japan, he and Hugh are creating a 'Whaletone Opera Association'. Hugh is a musician from England, he and Kana are investigating homeopathic approaches towards improvisation. Kana is a 'hyperactive singer' (says Tierney, from Lindley School) from Japan, she and Nomura play with kangaroos in Blackpool.

We will be playing melodicas, viola, toys, percussion, singing, moving and so on."

The Kelman Group create spontaneous performance which is dynamic, engaging, confusing, profound and ridiculous! The work experiments with physical and vocal techniques and the creation of improvised 'texts', exploring how present and open the performer can be and creating a playful relationship with the audience, who are invited to take a creative role in the work... letting their own imaginations discover narratives, characters, scenarios and meaning.