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Taru Sinclair, Barnaby King & Carla Grant at Newhouse 06

Kelman Group Background & History


The Kelman Group was born when Bob Lockwood took Scott Kelman's workshop at International Workshop Festival in 2001. Try as he might, he just couldn't shake the experience off as just another workshop and began to teach the work, then still known as 'You and Your Performance'.

So Bob asked Scott if he could teach the work on. Scott, having had many people ask him the same question over the last thirty years or so, said 'Yeah,sure' expecting to never hear from him again. However, Bob is not like other people (it has been said) and not only taught the work on an ongoing basis but also went out to Portland to collaborate with Scott on projects and exchange ideas about the work.

The Kelman Group itself has been through several incarnations. First, as a notional entity that Bob created to lead workshops, then as a seven-person co-operative, a four person ensemble and now as a fluid group lead by Bob and Taru Sinclair.

We've produced a whole range of work in different forms - performance, video,animation, audio pieces - with a range of international artists working in different fields. We continue to experiment with the form and what its possibilities are for making work.

Michael Philips, Tony Marwood & Jan Gardner in Oregon 06

Scott Kelman

Scott Kelman was a director, teacher and performer for over 40 years. He was founder of the original Off Off Broadway Association in New York City, Founder and Artistic Director of Pipeline Inc in Los Angeles and worked in environments as varied as Naropa Institute, Boulder, Downstate Corectional Facility, NY and The International Workshop Festival, London.

He was recipient of the Margaret Harford Award as well as the LA Weekly's special Career Achievement Award. Scott died on 22nd February 2007 at the age of 70.

A more in-depth biog for Scott can be found on the Scott Kelman Biography page.