Project Archive

Kelman Group Archive

This archive section aims to give a idea of the range of work that The Kelman Group has undertaken over the last six years.

There are descriptions and photos of past projects. There is an ongoing exchange of work between the US (practitioners based in Portland, Oregon) and UK (practitioners based in Yorkshire and Manchester, England) groups. The various collaborations that have included a mixture of workshops, public improvisations and sharings and performances of set-rehearsed pieces.

Its by no means exhaustive and at the moment (approx summer 2007) there is a lot of video documentation to go up.

Michael Philips, Tony Marwood & Jan Gardner in Oregon 06

The Kelman Group has put the Kelman techniques to work in many different situations. Weve made pieces for art galleries, theatre spaces, outdoor sculpture events, interactive video projects, working along the way with different media and artists from different disciplines.

This work continues with a number of projects gradually in development, sitting on hard drives, even figments of the imagination.