Barnaby King and Gill Roughley in Fuego

Performance & Live Art projects

The Kelman Group produces performance work across a wide spectrum spaces and forms. Over the last 5 years we have made pieces with musicians, animators, graphic artists and presented works in galleries, streets and office and countryside space as well traditional performance spaces.

The Kelman Group activities have been broadly in two strands of work.

The first is kelmanworks as a training form and developing its reach and benefits. This is part of process of development that’s been going on for 40 years and continues.

Taru at Leeds City Art Gallery | pic by Mark Longbottom

The second is questioning the form as a means to performance or as a performance form in itself. This part is relatively recent. Scott Kelman, who developed the technique over many years, always intended that the work should give the performer the range of technique and awareness that would be needed to make performance pieces. However, it wasn’t until Scott’s piece “The Terror of George W as witnessed by the Sisters of Mercy” in 2002 that this began in earnest.

When Bob Lockwood, founder of The Kelman Group, originally worked with Scott Kelman he was fascinated by the generative possibilities of the work but was unsure of what pieces might look like or even how to go about it.

The work produced under the aegis of The Kelman Group can be produced in lots of different ways. So sometimes the form itself can be what is presented, maybe an open improvisation as an aesthetic experience in itself, or the Kelmanworks form can be part of the performance-making process and very little of it might be evident in the eventual piece.